Welcome to my site!

meMy name is Citra (pronounce: Chi-Tra, for English speaker). I am a full-time traveler, part-time consultant, and lifetime dreamer!

For many years I worked as a professional marketing and communication consultant on one of the biggest communication firm in Indonesia for living. Worked with many clients from various industries allowed me to understand and experience a lot of things. I love my job! It was a blast! However, overtime I realized — I did excellent job in communicating my clients’ stories, but I never got a chance to communicate my stories…

Two years ago I decided to take a break and go on adventure. I quit my job, and wish to travel more… See where life takes me…

So far I have traveled to 26 countries across 4 continents… But haven’t communicate my story yet! This blog has been a blank canvas for 2 years… Here is for my 2016 New Year resolutions! Tell my God Dam Stories….!!!

Lots of Love,

Citra C. Setya

Ps: * English is not my first language, and I am not here for work. Thus, excuse my typo and grammar. * Hope to hear from you too…



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