Hylin Cafe, West Leederville

What we remember from our first visit few months ago at Hylin, this place has a good food and coffee. But last week on our second visit we know why we didn’t come back earlier. The food is still tasty, but it takes very long time and service not in place. First of all, while we were waiting to be seated, some people who come after us just sat down directly and staff says nothing. Secondly, staff told us to seat outside by the bench, however when we walked there only 1 seat available. We told her that, and then she asked us to seat at the back garage area. We went there by ourselves as she told us and sat at one of the available table. In the middle having our coffee the same staff asked us to move table because she allocated this table for someone else. Well, 3x moving table was not good you should take your guest to the table you allocated for them, not just tell people what you have in mind then change it.

My partner’s coffee was ok, but the Hot Chocolate that I ordered wasn’t hot, not even warm. Bring it back to the staff but instead of change it, my hot chocolate was reheated with much foam. The food takes more than 45mins to come. By the time our food arrived we have to renew our 1 hour parking ticket. Usually it only takes us less than 1 hour for lunch. Food was tasty but quite cold. We saw wait-staffs going back and forth with it for sometimes. Thank you for making good food Chefs, but we won’t come back until floor services improved.

—  ##  —

Review is based on my last visit on August 2017, as published on TripAdvisor

178 Railway PdeWest Leederville, Cambridge, Western Australia 6007, Australia
+61 401 815 804

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